Online dating is a job.

Let us do the work for you.

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Date Automation


We work one-on-one with intelligent, successful people who want  fulfilling dating lives, not dead-end, digital relationships.

You swipe. We handle the rest.

Date Coaching


Every week, you'll chat with an experienced date coach to learn tips and best-practices to increase satisfaction in your dating life.

Bring your A-game, every date.

Expert Advice

Our team has extensive experience coaching men and women 22-70. As an online service, we can work with clients in any timezone.


We're always here to help.

You'll be happy. 92% of clients renew after their first month.

You'll see results. 91% of clients go on their first automated date within one week of service.

You'll get experience. Active clients have up to 7 dates per week.

You'll save $$. Most other dating services are 3x what our clients pay.

"I HATED getting ghosted. With UpDate, all I do is swipe and then coaches talk and set dates for me."

"I used to be a nervous wreck before first dates. Now, I feel confident about the first date, every date."

"I will honestly never online date without UpDate."