Why our clients love it

Andrea is absolutely amazing at what she does. I could not be more grateful for all she has helped me achieve as both an individual and partner in my current relationship. Andrea has instilled a sense of confidence and self love in myself that not enough money in the world could ever repay her for. 

Gabriella, 27

Health Care Provider

Boston, MA

​With Andrea's help, I was able to go on more dates in one month than I did in the last twelve combined.

Sam, 28


Somerville, MA

After over 10 years of being out of the dating scene I realized quickly that the rules had changed and that I had no idea what they were. Andrea was able to alievate my anxiety by guiding me through this new territory with clear direction and sound advice. I highly recommend.

Stephanie, 40

Corporate Controller

Somerville, MA

Entering online dating after 25 years of marriage was a bit like landing in a foreign country.  Before I met Andrea, it was all I could do to understand the new “language” let alone try to speak it.  Working with her has boosted my confidence, and now I actually enjoy the process of meeting new people.

Kathy, 52


Somerville, MA

Andrea’s personal expertise has helped me grow a lot in my own dating life. I finally had someone to share open, honest conversations with – and Andrea has raised my confidence in an area I felt stuck in.

Phil, 24


Cambridge, MA

Andrea gave me incredible insight as to what women are looking for in men. I've never felt more confident asking someone out on a date.

Alex, 28


Chicago, IL

Andrea updated both my online look as well as my "in-person" look. When she told me that I was most attractive with a particular haircut, I tried it out and saw a noticeable difference in women's attraction toward me. My work with her was a total success, and after just 2 months, I got into a relationship. Thanks, Andrea!

Justin, 33

IT Manager

Cambridge, MA

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Despite living 2,000 miles and two timezones away from me, my coach is always available when I have a question. UpDate is where expert dating advice meets top-notch customer service.

Sarah, 30

Healthcare Professional

Denver, CO

I was so frustrated online dating in general, I turned off all the apps for a while. Andrea taught me the smartest way to date online so that I have more fun and feel less frustrated.

George, 27

Head of Partnerships

Boston, MA

Andrea is great! Through her coaching, I was able to come out of my shell. Now, I am able to just have fun, be in the conversation, and have fun. Andrea is also extremely punctual and professional which is important to me. 

David, 25


New York,  NY