Why our clients love it

I hated getting ghosted. It made me so frustrated with online dating in general, and I even turned off all the apps for a while. Now, all I do is swipe and then coaches talk and set dates for me.

All I have to do is show up.

George, 25

Head of Partnerships

Boston, MA

After over 10 years of being out of the dating scene I realized quickly that the rules had changed and that I had no idea what they were. Andrea was able to alievate my anxiety by guiding me through this new territory with clear direction and sound advice. I highly recommend.

Stephanie, 40

Corporate Controller

Somerville, MA

​With Andrea's help, I was able to go on more dates in one month than I did in the last twelve combined.

Sam, 28


Somerville, MA

Entering online dating after 25 years of marriage was a bit like landing in a foreign country.  Before I met Andrea, it was all I could do to understand the new “language” let alone try to speak it.  Working with her has boosted my confidence, and now I actually enjoy the process of meeting new people.

Kathy, 52


Somerville, MA

Andrea gave me incredible insight as to what women are looking for in men. I've never felt more confident asking someone out on a date.

Alex, 28


Chicago, IL

Despite living 2,000 miles and two timezones away from me, my coach is always available when I have a question. UpDate is where expert dating advice meets top-notch customer service.

Sarah, 30

Healthcare Professional

Denver, CO

Andrea’s personal expertise has helped me grow a lot in my own dating life. I finally had someone to share open, honest conversations with – and Andrea has raised my confidence in an area I felt stuck in.

Phil, 24


Cambridge, MA

Andrea updated both my online look as well as my "in-person" look. When she told me that I was most attractive with a particular haircut, I tried it out and saw a noticeable difference in women's attraction toward me. My work with her was a total success, and after just 2 months, I got into a relationship. Thanks, Andrea!

Justin, 33

IT Manager

Cambridge, MA

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